Frequently Asked Questions

- What are the requirements for traveling to Belize during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Due to Covid-19, many new protocols and procedures are in place before, during, and after arriving at PGIA (Phillip Goldson International Airport) - BZE. Click here for details.


- How does Sundiver Beach Resort operate?

     Sundiver operates as a true Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) where you rent the entire property for your group’s exclusive use. You will have your own private resort including a funky beach bar with bartender and full staff to prepare and serve meals. We can accommodate up to 28 guests. However, if you ever have dates that are within the next 90 days or so, and we are not booked with a private group, we would be happy to offer single room rentals. See the calendar for availability -

- Where is Sundiver Beach Resort located?

     Sundiver Beach Resort is located 4.5 miles north of San Pedro Town in Ambergris Caye, Belize; 410-877-6199 (U.S.); 501-634-6302 (Belize). Ambergris Caye is the largest island of Belize located northeast of the country in the Caribbean Sea . The Caye is approximately 25 miles long from North to South and about 1 mile wide. Belize follows Central Standard Time (no Daylight Savings Time is observed).

- How do I get to Sundiver Beach Resort?

     You will fly into Belize City’s International Airport (code BZE). From here, you have 2 choices for traveling to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye – air or sea.  By air, you may take a short, 15-minute commuter flight via Tropic Air. By sea, you may take a private or public (Belize Water Taxi) ferry – both are approximately 1.5 hours.

Please contact us for assistance in booking your air or private water taxi transfers. From San Pedro, you may get a taxi cab to Sundiver Beach Resort (4.5 miles North).

- How do we get around the island?

     Golf carts are the main mode of transportation on Ambergris Caye. Sundiver has 4-seater carts for daily or weekly rental. Kindly give 48 hours’ notice for rentals. 

- What documents do U.S. Citizens need to bring?

      U.S Citizens need to bring a valid U.S. Passport that is valid 6 months beyond the length of your stay. You must have a blank page available for your Entry Stamp. Visas are not required for stays less than 30 days. Also, please check with your local U.S. Embassy for paperwork required if only 1 parent is traveling with a minor child. U.S. citizens traveling with minor children may be asked by immigration officials to show U.S. birth certificates for each child.  When children are not traveling with both parents, immigration officials often request signed documentation to establish the children are traveling with the permission of both parents.  Such documentation may include notarized letters from the parent(s), custody or adoption papers, and death certificates in situations where one or both parents are deceased.

- What Language is spoken in Belize?

     English is the official language of Belize, a former British colony. It is the primary language of public education, government and most media outlets. The majority of Belizeans, regardless of ethnicity, speak an English-based creole called Belizean Creole (also referred to as Kriol) during most informal and social gatherings. Spanish is also widely spoken throughout the country.

- What currency is accepted in Belize?

     The Belize Dollar is the official currency in Belize. It is normally abbreviated with the $ sign or BZD. The official value is pegged at 2 BZD = 1 USD.  Most prices are listed in BZD, except in some major tourist establishments. U.S. dollars are widely accepted as long as the bills are in good condition, so no need to change your U.S. currency.   Currency in excess of $5,000 USD must be declared upon entry and/or exit.

- Are Credit Cards accepted?

     Yes, Sundiver accepts Visa, Mastercard and U.S. Paypal (and, of course, cash!).  Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in Belize, however American Express is not!  Most restaurants take credit cards.  Frequently a credit card processing fee is added to the transaction (Sundiver does not add any processing fees to your card). Many U.S. credit card companies charge a foreign transaction fee of 3% or more, so be sure to check with your bank before you charge.

It’s always a good idea to notify your credit card company or bank that you will be traveling.  Credit Unions and Banks often block charges from international sources, unless notified.  Frequently a minimum of $20/BZD is required to run a credit card.

Some vendors take only cash such as produce stands or small vendors, trinket stands, bakeries.

- Can I drink the water in Belize?

     The water in your room is potable, but not suitable to drink (it will not make you sick, but the water in Belize just tastes terrible).  Drink only bottled water and water provided in the 5-gallon water dispensers throughout the resort. The water served at the bar and in the dining room is bottled water and the ice is purified.

- Do I need to bring a converter for my small electronics/chargers/hair dryers, etc.?

     No. Electrical outlets are exactly the same as the United States - no converter needed for U.S. items.

- Does Sundiver have wi-fi?

     Yes, all rooms and public areas (bar, pool, and dining facility) have FREE wi-fi  ! 

- What are the risks on Ambergris Caye?

Sunburn is the greatest risk, bring lots of sunscreen and reapply often, the sun is directly overhead and much stronger than most North Americans are accustomed to.  Sun hats and rash guards can also be a great help. Water shoes are always a good idea, as well.


Mosquitoes and bug bites:  Wear bug spray, especially around foliage, after rain, and at sunrise and sunset.  Typically, the risk near the beach is low as long as the sea breeze is present.


Petty theft:  Do not leave valuables or belongings unattended on the beach or in town.  Sundiver is 4.5 Miles from San Pedro in the safe, quiet, and tranquil Mata Grande neighborhood.  We have full time day employees and night security for added safety.  Our island vibe is laid back, dress is casual, and flip-flops a must.  It’s advisable to leave your valuables such as gold, diamonds, and jewels at your home, there’s little need for them here. (Each room at Sundiver is equipped with an electronic safe for your convenience, however, we are not responsible for valuables left in the rooms).